Moto Time

Moto Time

2D motorcycle racing game
4.1  (20 votes)
Race against PC-controlled riders on several top-down courses and collect the bonuses that appear on the road to beat them. Choose from the five available motorcycles and find the right balance between speed, weight and maneuverability.

Moto Time is a great free motor racing game. You can download this game directly from accessing to the free games section. The installation is quite simple and during this process you can choose to add the MyPlayCity toolbar to your internet explorer or mozilla firefox, this toolbar will give you direct access to more than 150 free games, custom games, gadgets, weather and more. After the installation is done you will be sent to MyPlayCity webpage. Between the configuration options you can activate or deactivate music and sound, you can define your country and choose to view the game in full screen or in a windows; also you can choose between five different motorcycles. Each motorcycle has different weight, acceleration, speed and maneuverability .The objective of the game is to pick up as many bonus points as you can and to beat the other competitors to the finish line .You can move your motorcycle using the arrows in your keyboard and the brake is activated using the spacebar. We recommend to play this game with few other applications open, because it doesn’t runs as smooth as other ''freegamesway''s games and it may affect your PC’s performance.

Augusto Rivera
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  • The different bikes you choose for playing have different feautures between them


  • It doesn´t run as smoothly as other ''freegamesway''s games
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